Taste Me Tuesday

Welcome to Taste me Tuesday! I am sure you are wondering what exactly is #tastemetuesday? Taste me Tuesday was born out of my desire to help women understand and champion their own vaginal and sexual health. In my discussions with women over the years and even my Ob/Gyn. I have found many women are mislead, confused, and embarrassed when it comes to something as important as vaginal health. Why is vaginal health so important? Well it can affect how we feel about ourselves as women, and society places a lot of stigma on women and their vaginas.

Sexual health is important as well. A healthy sexual relationship with yourself can improve and also foster,safe satisfactory relationships with your partner. Sexual satisfaction will vary for each woman. It may include a new found or renewed ability to achieve orgasm. Increased pleasure with the overall sexual experience.

Taste me Tuesday is designed to help you get your #kittyonfleek as Nicki Minaj says through sharing of basic information and some common sense
knowledge. Secondarily by helping you find and foster a relationship with a medical professional. Be that a physician who specializes in Obstetrics and/or Gynecology(OB/GYN), a nurse practitioner(NP), nurse mid-wife or Physician Assistant (PA).

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Keisha D, taste me Tuesday