Its Not Them or Us, its Most Likely You. A Personal Accountability Check up

There comes a time in each of our lives when we have to decide what type of person we will be. Granted there are probably a few of these moments and some of us will only decide what kind of person we will be for that one specific instance. Whether you answer this at your core or just for Tuesday you gotta decide are you about self accountability or are you about deflection and finger pointing.

Now me personally, I’m all about self accountability, when I’m not pointing fingers or deflecting…….Okay I know its hard other people can really mess your ish up.  With the exception of those who have fallen victim to someone else in whatever ways for whatever reasons, most us just need to grab a new pair of big girl drawers and keep it pushing.

So how do you determine if you’re focused on being your best you or dropping your best shade? Well here’s a few quick ways to check yourself.

  1. Your story starts with you and ends with someone else.  You have to focus! You can only hold yourself accountable for the things you can control or that you yield a significant influence over.  

  2. You are missing from your story. If everyone plays a starring role in your life but you, you’re fooling yourself.  There is a difference between playing victim and actually being one.  A victim generally has no influence or control related to a circumstance. If this is not you woman up!

  3. Your story is full of ‘buts’and not the good kind. I love a good excuse as much as the next person but…… There is a fine line between an excuse and a valid reason.  Make sure you check which side of the line your on.

  4. You keep running into the same issues. This is a moment for deep reflection, are you really holding yourself accountable? If you were you should see change. You can’t expect new things sis when you keep. doing the same old stuff.

So now that you know where you might be slipping,  don’t fret there’s always room for improvement.  It may take some time to turn they to I and some effort to search out the things you control. Once you get the hang of it though it can lead to much smoother sailing in the sea of personal achievement.