The Single Struggle is Real

What can I say the single struggle is real. According to Paul in Corinthians it is better to marry than to burn with passion. Unfortunately Paul gave no remedy for those who cannot seem to get married. Now if you asked my grandmother she would tell you that masturbation is a sin. But if you asked my heart and its desperate attempts to avoid a relationship just for the purpose of ‘release’ then you would determine as I have that masturbation is essential.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not obsessed with touching myself. But I do openly encourage other women to take matters into their own hands for a variety of the same reasons I do. Masturbation in and of itself has more to offer than just the aspect of pleasure. In a most recent historical context, masturbation was often outlawed and considered a sin. Many believed you lacked self control and were potentially suffering from mental problems. In ancient times it was believed to prevent hysteria. Hysteria, from the root word hystero which refers to the uterus, was believed to be a wandering uterus(promiscuous woman).

So I know you’re wondering what are the possible benefits of masturbation? Well a better  understanding of self is one. For those of us that have had a sexual relationship one well known fact is you can’t expect your partner to innately know what you like. You most certainly can’t expect them to know what you like if you yourself don’t know. Now you must take into account that the more encounters you have with your partner the greater your understanding of what you do and don’t like will become. This is not all of the pieces to the puzzle. Consider for a moment that 80% of women have difficulty reaching orgasm, and an estimated 10% never reach orgasm. That said if you have had one can you imagine going your entire life without it? Masturbation helps familiarize a woman with her own body. The speeds, pressure and intensity necessary to reach orgasm.

Secondly, masturbation can be protective of the vagina. Many a gynecologist will tell you the vagina is use or lose. What does that mean exactly? Well simply put the tissues inside the vagina begin to change with age. As hormone levels decreased and eventually plummet in postmenopausal women they vagina beings to lose elasticity. It no longer lubricates as well and occasional intercourse can become a painful chore. Regular stimulation of the vagina can prolong some of the effects of menopause. Think of your vagina as a grape soft, supple, and juicy. Now a dried out grape is a raisin, still sweet but not quite the same. But just imagine if you could rub the grape every so often and prevent it from becoming a raisin completely.

Masturbation not only is good for your health, in moderation, but it can also relieve stress. For me it does all of the above, as well as insuring my ability to think clearly. After extended periods of time my ability to concentrate on anything other than sex declines. It is something I have spent a great deal of time feeling ashamed of. I pray often about what seems to be my occasionally overwhelming sexual desires to in the end only accept this is a normality. I’m not a pervert for daydreaming about sex, or suffering from hysteria, lol. I’ve determined it is probably the number one reason you should wait until you are married to engage in sex so that you have a constant regular partner.

While I’m not married yet, I’m maintaining my vagina with hope that one day, there will be some one to extinguish the flames of my burning passions. With a steady supply of lube, batteries, and my all to welcome rechargeable friends, my vagina gets a regular workout, I get some peace from the fire, and my psyche gets relief from the guilt of sexual promiscuity.

Originally published 3/2/2016

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