Poetry Break: Dedicated to Your Twenty

To all you low class
who knew self-esteem
could be lower than mine at the time
no spine
simple mind
think you want what’s supposed to be mine
this is dedicated to you

See simple mathematics declares your status
they call you twenty
and me eighty, simply put because I’m a lady
I create a breeze around the world
like butterfly wings
with the smooth sultry sway of these hips
cause wet dreams with
the beautiful intensity of my mind
not to mention these luscious lips
I stop traffic where the curve of my spine
meets my soft, firm behind

See you grab a hold of a man by the Dick
I grab them from the inside
I add body after
spirit and mind
you might be nice to look at
and good to roll around
on shaky ground
but I am the earthquake that moves the soul

with you twenty and me eighty
that makes one whole
but this eighty is much too proud
to share her shroud
you can’t disgrace my covering
so let me get my dividend

see the way I figure your twenty
was mine so I’ll take that
with interest
loan shark style 300% so
what you owe me is sixty
I guess since you only twenty
you can borrow it from him

oh wait forgot to mention he was already down to fifty
because I took back that part of me
that pushed him forward
and turned him on and
kept him strong
I took my little peace of mind
and joy filled soul
so y’all can share the 10% that’s left
I guess
maybe one day you’ll be fulfilled enough to make a whole

what’s that?
Oh my bad you don’t understand my math
you want me to make it simpler for yo simple ass?
OK see, what you wanted
what you could really see, was the evidence of me
he’s not the same man without me by his side
but I already cut out the part of me that died
and took back what y’all stole
so that is what leaves you with your same old hole

and him devoid of control
and makes me whole
see I am clearly the only one of three with the soul
so run along back to him so y’all can share that 10
oh wait you forgot this, tell that nigga quit trying
to throw me his Dick

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Keisha D